Clicker Training

WoofBeach Sands – Clicker Training – 238 Randall Road – Call 847-243-6970

Looking for a fun and rewarding class that will teach your pup how to properly respond to commands? Clicker Training at WoofBeach Sands is an ideal way to help your canine buddy learn good behaviors that make him or her an enjoyable, manageable pet to have both at home and at public locations.

Clicker Training Classes are an ideal way of teaching dogs to learn and follow through on commands.
(It’s good for puppies too!) Dogs —just like their human friends—will tend to repeat actions that earn a reward while avoiding behaviors that don’t result in any benefit.

Dog owners don’t necessarily need lots of training experience to utilize the techniques taught in our informative Clicker Training Classes. You’ll be pleased with how well your pup learns obedience skills!

Call Woofbeach Sands at 847-243-6970 or just stop in with your dog to see our facility on Randall Road in South Elgin.

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