Puppy Socialization Classes

WoofBeach Sands – Puppy Socialization Classes – 238 Randall Road – Call 847-243-6970

For puppies between the ages of around four weeks to four months, socialization with other dogs and people is beneficial for their development.

By enrolling in Puppy Socializing Class at Woof Beach Sands, your dog will form good, healthy behavior patterns that will help him or her grow into a well-balanced pup! You’ll see their confidence improve new interactions with other dogs – under the supervision of our experienced trainers – results in positive experiences and reinforcement. Consequently, socializing your puppy will help to make experiences such as going for walks or going to pet-friendly restaurants less stressful and more enjoyable for both of you.

Socializing your puppy will result in a happier canine companion overall – which makes you a happier pet owner too! With lots of supervised playtime and exercise with other puppies, your pal will come home satisfied and relaxed. Sign up for Puppy Socialization Classes at 847-243-6970.

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