Rally Obedience

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Rally Obedience class combines agility training along with some of the elements of basic obedience commands. As your pup is practicing
Rally Obedience, she’s learning how to properly follow fundamental commands while also having fun doing exercises that are similar to agility challenges.

There are differences between Rally and conventional obedience. Dog and handler rely upon signs that feature various tasks as they go through the course. The tasks typically vary from basic to difficult.

Rally is a canine sport that can be particularly beneficial for those dogs who need lots of mental stimulation and exercise to keep busy. Also, it’s a very effective way for owners to form a healthy bond with their pup!

If you’d like to learn more about our Rally Obedience training classes, call WoofBeach Sands at 847-243-6970 or just bring your dog along to see us at our Randall Road facility!

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