Restaurant Etiquette

WoofBeach Sands – Restaurant Etiquette – 238 Randall Road – Call 847-243-6970

Taking your pup along with you to a pet-friendly dining establishment can be a pleasant outing and a good way to spend some time together. However, it’s important that your companion practices good manners and avoids disruptive behaviors if you bring him or her to a restaurant with you. At WoofBeach Sands, we offer Restaurant Etiquette training that will teach your dog how to remain well-behaved and easy to manage so the experience is enjoyable for each of you.

Regardless how easily manageable dogs may be at home, not every dog is necessarily suited to a restaurant environment. For instance, a dog that startles easily, reacts aggressively to strangers or barks a lot would probably be difficult to have with you in a restaurant.

Restaurant Etiquette class at WoofBeach Sands can help correct those behaviors! Call 847-243-6970 to enroll your dog.

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