Conformation Classes

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“Conformation” is actually another way of saying “dog show”. Even though it may seem at first that dog shows are all about how to competing canines look, they are solely about appearances. Dog show judges are not comparing the dogs to one another. Rather, the judges are measuring how close the dogs conform to their particular breed’s standards.

Since the closer the animal’s appearance is to their breed’s standards, it indicates that dog’s ability to produce puppies that also will fulfil the standards. Also, it’s why neutered or spayed purebreds or mixed dog breeds are ineligible for dog show competitions.

A conformation class at WoofBeach Sands helps to prepare your dog and you for your initial experience at a dog show. In addition, your pup should already know some basic behaviors such as walking on a leash at your side as well as how to stack. Remaining well-behaved and comfortable with other dogs in important too.

Enroll in Comformation Classes at Woofbeach Sands! Call 847-243-6970.

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