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Enroll your dog in training classes at WoofBeach Sands at 238 South Randall Road in South Elgin.

There are many reasons why your dog could benefit from taking training classes at our facility. Regardless of age – although it’s best when they start as puppies – learning basic obedience is beneficial to practically all dogs. In addition, Dog Training South Elgin, IL is enjoyable for dog owners too. Research shows that owners with well-behaved pets gain greater satisfaction and a stronger bond with their dog. Certainly, it’s more fun and easier to manage a dog that’s obedient, responsive and relaxed. Training makes the dog ownership experience more rewarding. Consequently, you’ll closer with your canine friend!

Major Benefits to Dog Training South Elgin IL at WoofBeach Sands

-Easier Canine Management

Obedience training teaches standard commands to your dog. For example, your dog will learn the basics such as sit, stay and lie down. These essentials will make it much easier for you to handle your pet.

With better dog management, it’s easier to control your dog. That helps him or her to better an enjoyable part of the household. After all, a misbehaving dog that is hard to control can put quite a damper on social events and gatherings. Training can teach your pet how to greet visitors safely, come when you call them and to walk properly in a leash. These basic skills can make a significant difference in the relationship you have with your pet.

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-Improve interactions with other dogs. Without a doubt, socialization is another important facet of your dog’s life. Learning how to react to their fellow dogs and what’s acceptable is a critical life lesson they should understand. At dog training classes, dogs learn how to interact with their canine classmates. Even for dogs that don’t get out of their home very often, this is still beneficial. Your pet will probably encounter other canines on regular occasions such as vet appointments and walks. Also, he or she will encounter other dogs if they spend time at boarding facility.

-Gain knowledge and have some fun. The classes we offer at WoofBeach Sands are simply a lot of fun for both dogs and their owners! The training exercises are engaging and will stimulate your pet, which is important for learning. Whether you’ve never had a dog before or had several, there’s always new information to learn about training and techniques.

The opportunity to share information with other pet owners and consult our trainers is invaluable. Chances are that there will be other dog owners in your class with experiences similar to your own. For instance, your dog will probably not be the only one who barks excessively or chews on shoes.

Training classes will help resolve challenges or problems with your pet. In addition, you’ll learn the best communication techniques for canine management.

-Well-trained dogs are safer. Dogs that complete training and learn fundamental obedience are simply safer around friends and family. Uncontrollable dogs are not only less enjoyable to have in your home, but they can also pose a safety risk. It’s only natural that animals can sometimes be unpredictable. A dog that responds when called – particularly in public settings – is much safer to own.

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A Few Tips for Proper Puppy Care

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting event for your household! To help you and your new pet start off on the right paw, here are a few practical tips:

-Give the puppy some adjustment time. Your new canine might seem apprehensive upon first arriving at your home. This is a natural reaction. He or she is experiencing totally new surroundings and is probably missing their littermates. Allow the puppy some time to explore at their own pace without a lot of noise of interference. Also, if there are young children in your home remind them that puppies tire easily and need to rest. If there are other pets in the household, introduce them to the new dog individually and supervise closely.

-Sleeping arrangements for your new puppy. Naturally, your puppy will need a comfortable place in a warm secure setting at bedtime. It’s a smart practice to section off a part of your laundry room or other quiet area for sleeping quarters. Your puppy is still accustomed to sleeping with their littermates and might cry when sleeping on their own at first. Consider putting a ticking clock underneath the blankets to replicate the sound of the mother’s heartbeat. Or, place a warm bottle of water in the bedding to add extra heat. Be sure that the water isn’t too warm because your puppy might chew on it during the night.

If you choose to let the puppy sleep in your bedroom or upon your bed, it will adapt to this behavior. This is okay, but it may be hard to get your growing pet to sleep somewhere else later. The puppy won’t be aware of how much bigger they’re getting but you probably will!

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During the daytime your puppy needs a secure place to sleep that provides shelter from the elements. Additionally, be sure the puppy always has access to fresh water.

-Mealtime. Puppies require a complete and nutritious diet specifically formulated for their proper development. Your puppy’s teeth and bones are still growing and he or she has nutritional needs different from grown-up dogs. In order to ensure they achieve their healthiest potential, provide your puppy with food made of quality ingredients. Our Dog Training South Elgin, IL staff can advise you on which foods are optimal for your new canine family member.

Puppies of practically any breed typically need smaller, more frequent meals because of their stomachs are smaller. As they grow and develop, mealtime can decrease from four times per day to three. Eventually, two meals or even one per day will suffice when your dog is fully grown.

If changing your pet’s diet for health or weight reasons, transition to their new diet regimen gradually over a few days. An abrupt change in diet can lead to diarrhea or other negative reactions for puppies.

-House training your puppy. It will probably take your puppy a period of a few days to learning proper house training. However, it might still take a few weeks until they completely stop having an occasional accidents. Consequently, it’s important to remain patient. He or she will likely need to “go” every three or four hours while they’re young. So, be sure to grant your puppy ample opportunities to go outdoors. Try to be consistent and let the puppy in and out through the same door. Praise the puppy for eliminating outdoors in the right location. Puppies often need to eliminate after waking up, eating or drinking.

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If your puppy has an accident, bring them outdoors immediately and offer praise for eliminating in the right location. Do not scold or punish the puppy. They are still too young to comprehend why they are receiving punishment. This risks developing apprehension towards you instead of associating the punishment with the accident. Praising your puppy will usually get better results.