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WoofBeach Sands – Scent Classes – 238 Randall Road – Call 847-243-6970

You’ve probably noticed that your dog enjoys sniffing around and exploring with his or powerful sense of smell. Scent classes at WoofBeach Sands is an ideal way of teaching your canine pal how to utilize their nose to locate odors like birch, anise and clove.
Scent training is increasingly popular and provide an excellent opportunity for dog owners to spend time with their pet while learning new and interesting skills. This class offers instruction on the basics of scent work simply for fun or for those with an interest competitive dog activities. The class will teach your dog everything from identifying the scents to indicating when they locate them.

To learn more details about scent classes, call WoofBeach Sands or bring your furry friend along and stop in to see us! Participating in scent class provides mental stimulation while your dog gains new skills.

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